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DJI Osomo Mobile 3 Gimbal.

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DJI Osomo Mobile 3 Gimbal.
on: May 23, 2023, 12:33:02 PM
I recently found a used DJI Osomo Mobile 3 cell phone gimbal and bought it out of interest. The first time I had seen something like this was at a VEX Robotics competition. I was intrigued but never pursued it any further, that is until I saw one for purchase. This model is the 3rd version. DJI is up to version 6 now.

This device allows one to take steady videos or stills without the use of a tripod or monopod. Much like the 3 way gimbal system in DJI's drones, there is tracking mode, and a neat panoramic mode for still photography where the gimbal moves the camera to make a 3x3 photo and stitches it using the included phone app.

20230325_081006A by Chako, on Flickr

20230325_081026A by Chako, on Flickr

20230325_081043A by Chako, on Flickr

20230325_081103A by Chako, on Flickr

Once paired with the App, you can control your phone, move it around ect. It is a neat gadget.
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