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Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)

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Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
on: November 17, 2018, 07:59:46 PM
We all love them, our packs, don´t we?
The more the merrier they say, so in this review we look at a pack that me and my wife use, the Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pack 30 Vent.

Tasmanian Tiger is the miltary wing of Tatonka, a well known german brand. It is my understandig, that the brand is not as widely known in the US, am I right?

If you´re new to „TT“ as Tasmanian Tiger is affectionatly called, have a look:

The Modular pack is part of a series of packs, which focus on modularity, hence the name. Who had guessed that?
Currently you find the Modular Pack 30 (which is the tactical black pack in the following pics), the Modular Pack 30 Vent and the recently released Modular Sniper Pack 45. Who knows, what the furure holds?

Today we´ll focus on the civillian brother of the Modular Pack 30, the Modular Pack 30 Vent. In short I´ll call them  „MP30“ and „Vent“, much easier to read. :-)

So, lets have a look, those are the packs we´re talking about:

Both look very similar on paper, the MP30 comes at 1,65 kg, or 3,63 lbs (without the included hook-and-loop packing cubes) and the Vent 1,45 kg or 3,19 lbs. Pretty lightweight, for a 30 liter bagpack, if you ask me. The MP30 uses the fairly new „LaserCut-Molle“, very inconspicuous if not in use, and much lighter than traditional Molle as well. So perfect for civillian use.  The Vent reduces the tactical foodprint even more, just two slots left and right on top and two on the main body. The Shockcord comes from the factory as well, a nice touch.

My wife and I had both packs with us on our three week tour and had ample time to test them in turn. We traded packs as we saw fit on our tour, a good indicator for a standard pack will fit different bodytypes well. Not to spoiler the review for you, but we can say this:
We each have a favourite. :-)

Lets go:

Already the first look at the carrying system reveals the main difference:

The MP30 uses the so called „Padded Back-System“, the Vent utilises the more complex (and adjustable) X Vent Zero Plus-System. The Padded Back-System is exactly that, a well padded back area, comfortable shoulder straps with load lifters. If it fits your back, your good to go. We tested it with weights up to 15 kg, or 33 lbs, no problems for my wife or me.   
The X Vent Zero Plus-System focuses on the utmost comfort and sweat reduction. At least thats how I interpret it.
The only point of contact is the lower back, mesh all around. Speaking of sweat reduction, it works for me!

So, what does adjustable mean?
The tension of the fiberglas rods (two crossed rods on the back and two on each side of the hip) and with that the curvature of the bag itself. The rods and the flexible backplate form the main body of the pack.
If you thighten the rods, the bag increases its curvature and is lifted from your back. This in turn increases the ventilation.


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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #1 on: November 17, 2018, 08:00:10 PM
Wait a sec!
A backpack that moves the weight away from the body?
Shouldn´t it be the other way around? The closer to the body, the better?

Exactly! It´s not like the Vent puts the weight miles away and generates bad and hurtfull leverage.
It´s more like a hands width with maximun tension:

I have glove size 8, just for reference.
You don´t need to thighten the pack this far anyhow.
With adjusting the tension, you can adjust the spacing between the shoulder straps and the waistbelt. Within reason, of course. Should the waistbelt be to low, just add a little more tension and the waistbelt raises. Very convenient when my wife and I changed packs. A great little feature!

Some details:

As you can see, the adjusting straps are secured with velcro against slipping, nicely done.

This is my perfect setting (me being 78 kg or 172 lbs and 1,83 m or 6 feet):

The loops are touching the velcro, easy to remember.

By the way:
If I loosen the straps all the way, the rods straighten to the max. In this setting, the rods poked my back. Not painfully, but annoying. My wife did not experience that, at all.

The cheststrap, fully adjustable:

That´s a pretty handy feature, as my wife tends to run cheststraps really low.

Above the cheststrap you´ll find another ventilation, this time for the shoulder straps themselves. Ventilated padding and fabric. I was suspicious, but it works damn well, I have to admit.

The MP30 ist build with military use in mind, so the buckles are of the quick release kind. The Vent brings solid ladder locks to the table:

As I have already mentioned, the MP30 is equipped with loadlifters, we think they work perfectly.  Looking at the Vent you´ll find them missing. The carrying system is completey different, so there is no need for lifters at all. Surprising, but it works.

The MP30 as well as the Vent have two rubberized lips on the top and bottom left side with holes for lashing gear. It feels a lot like Hypalon, if you ask me...

Think about an ice axe or trekking poles, something along those lines. Never used that feature before, but better have it and not need it, than...

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #2 on: November 17, 2018, 08:00:49 PM
The port for the bladder tube is reinforced using the same material:

It´s the same with the MP30, by the way.

The fiberglas rods are bedded in this stuff as well:

You´d have to have a hell of a day, for anything to loosen there...

On the shoulder straps the ususal D-rings are replaced by lips made out of this magic stuff. I tend to mount my "night travel kit" there, compass and a little Olight.

Something I have never used before: If you are so inclined, you can detatch the waist straps on the MP30, as they are held in place by velcro. Heavy duty kind of stuff, mind you. I really appreciate the possibility, but never had a reason to use it.

With the Vent, the different carrying system forbidds this option. No big deal to me, really.

Now to the most important feature for me:
Weight distribution.
The Waistbelt as done in the Vent brings far more weight on my hips, than with the MP30.
If you carry more than 10 kg it´s much more comfortable than doing so with the MP30.
The MP30 is super comfortable, but heavier loads? After our test on our tour I´d take the Vent any day, thank you.
That´s a purely subjective statement, of course. But with backpacks it always comes down to personal taste. One loves a given pack, for the next man it´s a torture machine. Think about the Savotta Jääkäri M, some love it, some hate it...

So, how about some strange things?
For having a waistbelt you´d need webbing, easy.
It should be adjustable, no questions about that.
Some folks tend to be on the larger side, I get that as well.

That´s pretty ample, wouldn´t you say?

I have a 32 inch wauist, mind you...

„Childs swing to go“ one could say. :-)

All zippers are from YKK and smooth as it should be.

The top compartment is identical to the one the MP30 has, mesh pocket, open pocket, one with a flap closure, two D-rings. Surprisingly roomy, and well organized. You can fit a Nalgene Oasis (or any other 1 Qrt canteen) and a lot of odds and sods easily:


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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #3 on: November 17, 2018, 08:01:15 PM
Speaking about zippers:
A main difference between the MP30 and the Vent, besides the carrying system, are the inner workings.
Where the MP30 has one zipper in the main compartment, the Vent comes with five.
Two mesh pockets on top of each other on the left side, with zipper closure:

Great for small stuff, navigation, small knife, batteries, gloves, etc. A 16 oz Nalgene would fit as well, or any other similar sized gear.

On the right side we get a little bigger, another zipper pouch, you´ll fit an Oasis easily:

And yes, it closes up, too. :-)
Mind the velcro/Molle backed backside. If your so inclined, you can add velcro or Molle pouches, a nice feature and adding to the whole "Modular" thing. You´ll find a velcro tab for hanging a water bladder as well.

If you open up the main compartment, you´ll find another mesh pocket, mounted "upside down". If the main compartment is closed, the zipper is on the underside. If it´s opened, it´s on top and nothing can drop out. Nifty!

Now for the last zipper. Its a divider for the sleeping bag compartment. You can use it for a winter jacket, a Carinthia Tropen (you got to squeeze a little), a Snugpak Jungle Bag with Bivvie Bag or just wet rain clothes (all tried by us and it works). Very convenient.

The divider of the sleeping bag compartment is made out of rubberized fabric. If needed, the zipper can be opened all the way, and the flap rolled out of the way. You end up with one large cavernous maincompartment.

For us the Vent is a perfect blend of trekking and travel pack (even as a daypack). 30 Liter turned out to be the "magic number" for us. Large enough to get everything packed, yet small enough for carry on luggage.
And you don´t get the stink eye in public transportation...

What will fit?

The hipster folks call this a  #flatlay, I call it pack list:

Everything shown in the picture, I managed to fit into the Vent. I stuffed two pillows into the pack, just to give you a better reading on the dimensions. Truth be told, I just filled one of the two Platypus bladders.
At the end of the day, it looked like this:

In contrast to the MP30 the Vent has a stretch pocket on each side. Again, enough room for a canteen, or a rain jacket or something along this lines. The Platypus fits perfectly. Being made from stretch material, you won´t loose room on the inside, as the pouch stretches outward.

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #4 on: November 17, 2018, 08:01:35 PM
Left and right:

Here is my wife and me carrying the Vent.

So, what´s the verdict?
Based on our "purely scientific" testing, the packs are outstanding. The Vent is actually my preferred pack right now.
Which is awesome, as my wife has commandeered the MP30 for her personal use. :-)
It´s her favourite, no questiosn about it.
It´s like quality boots, it has to fit. And you have to try, to find the perfect match, just as my wife and me have done with each other... 

Thanks for bearing with me!

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #5 on: November 17, 2018, 08:21:01 PM
Nice review and those bags look like great bags!   :tu:

I am looking for a smaller size one to use as EDC/hiking bag and looking at the 5.11 Rush 12 bag but I really like the looks and compartment setup on those.  I like that one bag that has the upright inside bottle holder pocket.  That to me is a very good idea.

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #6 on: November 17, 2018, 08:29:38 PM
Great review, and the packs seem to be very good :like: :hatsoff:

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #7 on: November 17, 2018, 09:40:13 PM
 :iagree: :like: :tu:

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #8 on: November 18, 2018, 11:21:41 AM
The packs from Tasmanian Tiger are some of the best, in my opinion. The Modular range fits my needs perfect. As of now we have a lot of TT gear, we replaced nearly all of our 5.11 gear with Tasmanian Tiger, better bang for our buck, over here in Germany at least.

And better solutions to our personal needs, but anybody has to check for themselves, needs vary as much as one can imagine.


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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #9 on: November 18, 2018, 04:52:00 PM
looks like a very nice pack  :tu:

I don't have a backpack from them, but these sheaths I picked in Berlin this August are neat, they feel very solid and I like them a lot! :hatsoff:

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #10 on: July 26, 2023, 03:41:42 PM
Hello, can you tell me if both of TT 30 VENT, and TT 30 have the same resistence to weather and damage in general?! thank you.

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Re: Review: TT TAC MODULAR PACK 30 VENT (pic heavy!)
Reply #11 on: August 13, 2023, 11:19:29 AM
The fabric used in the Vent is a little thinner, but after 5 years of use, noting to complain about.
Everything in perfect working order, no fraying or any damage.

Hope this hepls?



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