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Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus

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Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus
on: November 22, 2023, 08:54:49 PM
Hi everyone. I'm trying to decide which kit to get. I know I want the L wrench and bit set.  I go back and forth between a bigger tool or a lighter package. Does anyone have experience with both? How much bulkier is the swiss tool than the spirit? Is it so much bulkier that I won't want to carry it? I'm 6'2". I just want the most capable tool that I will actually carry. Thanks

us Offline Alan K.

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Re: Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus
Reply #1 on: November 22, 2023, 10:06:43 PM
Welcome to MTO. :waving:  It isn't really a matter of one being a heavy duty tool that can survive more abuse than the other because the Swiss Tool and the Spirit are both built like tanks and fully capable of handling any abuse.  They simply made the Swiss Tool first then they decided to make a smaller and more refined version in the Spirit.  I have both. I rarely carry the Swiss Tool because the Spirit is more comfortable to carry and use in my opinion, and the Spirit has been my primary EDC for the last 10 years.  It's not because it is smaller either, because I prefer the larger tool options from most of the other brands.  If you get the Spirit you will find an exceptional tool assortment in a convenient and ergonomic package that can't be beat. :cheers:

fi Offline Antti Lammi

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Re: Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus
Reply #2 on: November 22, 2023, 11:38:23 PM
Choosing between those two tool is bit tough but i would still give bit more credits to Spirit and there is one simple particular reason, tools are way easier to open than SwissTools tools. On Spirit tools are bit out of handles and make easier to acces than on SwissTool.

Only Tools Matters

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Re: Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus
Reply #3 on: November 23, 2023, 02:44:03 PM
Thank you

Offline Djiaux

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Re: Swiss tool CS plus or spirit x plus
Reply #4 on: November 23, 2023, 08:32:37 PM
Hi there,

Well, if possible the best way to decide would be to fo to a store and see both. Yes, you might not want to buy them there so if possible go to a big retailer, no guilt : )

If that is not possible, I'm going to say first that I love victorinox multitools and to me these are the two best multitools ever.

Swisstool - It is indeed more bulkier than the Spirit and it is a heavy weight multitool but I don't feel like it is gigantic. Everything is bigger that in the Spirit and tools are almost the same. In the Swisstool the main difference is that I think most tools have a little more reach that in the Spirit. Pliers head is noticeably bigger, rest of the tools too but those are more comparable.
Would I carry it with me? Well, I'm full urban during the week, so I wouldn't carry either in my EDC, I have these because I love them. I carry tools like these when I'm riding my bicycle, camping or doing things in the house. For that I could carry either of these but obviously the Spirit is easier to bring with you.
I have to say that I have never had a Surge or so in my hands, I can't compare the Swisstool with those.

Spirit - The Spirit is a  smaller (not a lot), more ergonomic version of the Swisstool. In general it feels like a sweeter version, lighter, not too small, still very though, more ergonomic, has almost the same tools as the Swisstool. This tool loses some weight and thus some 'meat-tal', but it it still a great tool (to be honest, this is my favourite). The tools are a little shorter than in the Swisstool, a little easier to deploy (here I have to say that I have no problem at all with either).
Get this too, the saw. The saw in the spirit is a little shorter and is not as high as in the Swisstool, but they made it wider. The saw in the Spirit (and also the prybar for example) is a little wider in the Spirit, a way to make up for them being smaller and keep toughness I guess.

Ok, so. Already too long, my apologies. To me both are great and both can be used without problem. I don't know what would you use these for or if it is a problem for you to carry a little more weight, in the end I can't recomend either because both are great and to me these don't have big flaws.
- If I have to recomend one blindly, I would recomend the Spirit
- If I have to recomend the one I like the most, I would recomend the Spirit
- If I have to recomend the one I would like to have with me for an unexpected, difficult work, or in a situation, I would recommend the Swisstool <- But the Spirit would most likely have me covered too

Whatever you get, I hope you enjoy it.


P.D.: One thing I forgot to say. My gloves size is M, my hands fill M sized gloves and I can use L sized in most cases. With my hads the Swisstool can be wielded just fine. Opening the piers completely is too much but for all the uses I need it is fine.
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