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Adding magnets for "spring loaded" arc/free pliers

Offline Trebor Redins

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Adding magnets for "spring loaded" arc/free pliers
on: November 25, 2023, 08:42:36 AM
I'm looking for any tips from folks who might have modified their free p2/p4 or might have tips or ideas.

I tried to order the garage 5 for one reason, the spring loaded pliers, all the extra bells and whistles are great, but most of that has been taken care of by aliexpress and zap wizzard, i just wanted the spring loaded pliers. Well 10 attempts at paying and being told it was then sold out left that dream to die on the vine, and I had pretty much written off the arc because I'm aalty about all the dumb garage releases,  but with a black friday 20% off sale I took a look today.

I've used the magenets on the frame before to get the spring loaded action with juices/waves/surges, but I'm wondering if there might be enough space in the base of the Arc/Free pliers to drill out a channel for some neodymium magnets. I'm 99% sure there is enough room in the tool, but the pliers don't open enough to allow clean access. As to say, you can't open the pliers wide enough to drill at the angle you would need to.

Does anyone have any ideas about how one might accomplish this? It doesn't look like any of the right angle chuck would be small enough, and I'm not sure I could get clean enough work done with a dremel.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this might be accomplished? Also, any thoughts on if this would affect the magnetic locking used with the free/arc series?

Thanks for any tips!

Offline Trebor Redins

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