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Hooked 93

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« on: Today at 01:12:07 PM »
Rather then spam the first page with badge requests i will put them in this post to keep the place tidy, i hope this is ok  :tu:

This belt tensioner spring needs removed periodically for maintenance, the larger ring on the end is very helpful to pull on to release the spring but it is a bit of a finger nipper at times, i found the perfect tool for doing so is our very own sak hook.. no more nipped fingers  :tu:

Alox: in hindsight i should have just left it at 12 colours but i added a couple of duplicates just for looks, there are 12 colours however, the three reds you see are different shades, i hope this is acceptable, they do look different in normal eyes  :salute:

Not much to say here other than its perhaps a bit useless for intended use as i cant carry it in the car, it is a nice knife however, just cant legally carry it  :facepalm:

I think there is a camo sak in this pic, i hope you can see it  :think:

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Re: Hooked
« Reply #1 on: Today at 03:11:24 PM »
Funny story--when I bought my Fireman locally, the guy at the knife store tried to talk me into buying a Rescue Tool instead. Fireman--used everything on it, regularly. Rescue Tool, the only things I'd use regularly would be the blade, belt cutter (serrated blade), Phillips, and cap lifter/screwdriver. I would likely never (and hope I'd never have to use) the glass breaker and windshield cutter.   I would have loved for the Fireman to get the belt cutter from the Rescue Tool, instead of the 108mm gutting blade it had for years until it's discontinuation last year.

I do not get UK knife laws. The law they're covered under is a "Crime Reduction Act", but I have heard several instances of people getting jail time over just having a lock blade knife in their car.  Where I live, you're not supposed to carry an automatic knife (except for provisions given for on-duty law enforcement and active duty military personnel), but I know people who do who aren't either. I guess our law enforcement knows they have more important tasks than to hassle people over a pocketknife.  To me, having a knife like the the Rescue Tool in a car for emergencies is "valid reason" enough for it to be OK.
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Re: Hooked
« Reply #2 on: Today at 03:25:51 PM »
I found the Fireman´s gutting blade to be an excellent belt cutter.
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Re: Hooked
« Reply #3 on: Today at 04:50:44 PM »
The laws here are not so bad really, i see no reason to have a fixed blade or locker on me when i go shopping or go to the disco anyway, and if i'm a work that's good reason so i'm safe, the rescue tool is one i don't really want to test, is it a good reason to carry it in case something might happen? who knows but regardless its only useful if it is near at hand next to me in the car, not in a pouch in a bag in the boot of my car where its slightly more legal, cars are classed as public spaces so yeah, bit of a grey area but if you are going to and coming from somewhere where it is legal to carry it, i think its ok in a bag in your boot, just useless if you need it quick
I will agree that the Fireman is a better buy though  :tu:


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