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Repairs and Mislabelled auctions 141

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Repairs and Mislabelled auctions
« on: December 04, 2019, 04:34:43 AM »
I thought we could use a thread for auctions that aren't quite 'crazy' priced territory or fakes to report...but maybe repaired with incorrect parts. Just for educational purposes.

This Craftsman 84mm / 'Artisan' listed as 236 Woodsman:

Also highlighted some issues in the attached upload pointing out the scale that doesn't fit the back liner (in the circle) and I believe that the period correct phillips would have a tapered gap between the file and the adjacent divider (arrow). But I certainly might be wrong about that and this is just another variation that I haven't seen before...

Sold for $335 today...which was the big surprise to me.


Listed as 'Artisan' but obviously 91mm:

Looks like early '80s to me. This one also sold today and I hope the new owner isn't expecting an 84mm version.



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