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Scored three NIB Alox Vic Soldiers! 837

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Scored three NIB Alox Vic Soldiers!
« on: January 06, 2013, 11:13:06 AM »
I live in a small country that has a established Vic store (and a few other unofficial vendors as well).  Recently I went to the offical Vic shop is a fancy department store to check out their wares, in particular the pen shaped sharpener.  Happily they had the sharpener and also a couple of the recently EOL alox models.  The bad news is the shop basically charges retail, so the Harvester they had was about $55 (still tempting though).  I was curious if they had any old Alox soldiers, and after looking for the serial number on SAKWIKI, and a good bit of nego and cajoling, the clerk lady checked an Eurika!  They had one- an 07 model.  At ~$35 I could not pass it up!

Since the clerk now had a sale, it was much easier to convince her to check to see if they had anymore stock at HQ.  In fact they had two more models, and after considering I orded them as well.  We shall see what date they are, I pick them up at the end of week.  I don't really need so many models, so I might be open to trading them (international serial number) for something else.

The moral of the story is that if you live in a smaller country (which also has three special Spartan Models) it behooves you to check on the HQ inventory.  There might be some interesting finds.

Lurking with a large collection of sharp knives!



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