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Inside the Weide WH-1009

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Inside the Weide WH-1009
on: April 14, 2017, 01:27:50 PM
Screw down case back with a good Gasket. 30m WR

This is supposed to use a Miyota movement.

It has both Analogue and LED, independent "movements".

Now, the analogue movement is at the font and the LED module is stuck on its back, making the overall watch thick.

The Analogue movement runs on a tiny AG4 battery, whereas the LED, digital module, runs on a thick CR2032.
Thus, the analogue part stopped running, whereas the Digital part still has a full battery. (The digital does have a lot of functions, like alarm, stopwatch, date, so if you use these you will need the bigger battery)

You remove the larger battery to get to the smaller one.
3 conducting springs, connecting the movement with the case, so be careful.

I could not see the analogue movement as it is hidden by the digital module. Overall the analogue movement was more accurate, but they were both decent enough.

Construction is pretty good, a quality product overall

* IMG_7140.JPG (Filesize: 63.18 KB)
* IMG_7144.JPG (Filesize: 185.35 KB)
* IMG_7139.JPG (Filesize: 120.21 KB)
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Re: Inside the Weide WH-1009
Reply #1 on: February 13, 2022, 09:29:20 PM
THANK YOU so much for disclosing the 2 batteries!   I had been considering buying a whole new watch (they now cost $23 at Walmart and ali express.) thinking that the analog movement had broken - nope, I'm sure it's the analog battery because the digital part has been running for FIVE years!

I love my Weide WH-1009, it's my most impressive watch, even though i also have a $600 sandoz submariner, and a 1940s tritium rolex from my great uncle (value unknown).  It's so stylish and the analog + digital display (behind the fact - totally hidden until you hit the pushers) is quite unique!  Because I got it through SPAMCORP for $12 in 2015, its way more impressive than a $120 or $1200 watch.  It's STILL running (the digital movement).  The fact that they could build this on the other side of the world and get it to me for $12 gives me faith in the progress of mankind! 



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