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Modded Coast Pocket Toolbox $10 155

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Modded Coast Pocket Toolbox $10
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:26:19 PM »
I’ve taken two different versions of the Coast Pocket Toolbox and put the best implements into one tool. I removed the odd and cumbersome springless pliers and added a saw blade and scissors. The scissors were also modified with an undercut on the spring and body to prevent the spring from popping out.

This is a neat little tool about the size of a victorinox pocket knife, but includes a really long #2 Phillips driver. All of the tools are locking as well. It’s seen some medium use, and is not a showpiece. But it’s not all knackered up either. I have taken to carrying a full sized multitool instead of just a pocket knife, and I find this now stays in the desk drawer. I’d rather it go to someone who can use it!  $10 plus actual shipping to you. I’ll ship it as cheaply as possible in a small bubble envelope.

The orange and black thing on the end of the lanyard is an emergency whistle btw.




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