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Please use meaningful thread titles ! 733

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Please use meaningful thread titles !
« on: May 30, 2020, 05:25:08 AM »
Hello folks,

When you are creating a post in the forum please make an effort to use meaningful titles.

This will have two effects:
  • You will get a better response to your post
  • It will help people when searching for old posts and multitool information

Quite often we see single/dual word post titles that tell you very little about the post itself    :pok:

For example a thread title that is just a model or tool name:eg 'Leatherman Charge' or 'Victorinox scissors' or 'Farmer X'
Try and make your titles action orientated, or give some information about the detail explained, or required, in the post 
For example better versions of the above could be:
'How does the Leatherman Charge compare to the Wave'
'Are the Victorinox scissors as good as the Wengers'
'Does anyone know when the Farmer X is being released? '

You will find you can summarise your post very nicely in a meaningful title     :D

A couple of examples from the forum right now

One post that is entitled 'Alox' - Where the post is actually asking 'How good is the Phillips screwdriver on the can-opener?"
Another one enttled 'Locking Plier MT's' - When a better title would be 'Need information on locking plier MT's'

Hope that makes sense folks !!

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