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(WTS) Spyderco Black SE DODO + BM 1st Production Snody Resistor 1306

Jr. Member Posts: 79 ~007 Goodness~
(WTS) Spyderco Black SE DODO + BM 1st Production Snody Resistor
« on: May 02, 2009, 08:02:39 PM »
Trying to raise fund for a Strider SnG.

I have this up as a (WTT) as well, but noone's taking the bite. Here's the ad:

All are in very-good to excellent condition. The Dodo has not been carried since I bought it five months ago on an impulse, and the Fixed Resistor used to shave paper. I am the second owner of both knives, only the Resistor shows usage, as the previous owner put a slight convex edge and rounded the tip slightly (easily fixed with a Sharpmaker or a stone etc...). There are two hairline scratches that can be buffed out easily on the blade from (I assume) sharpening. The Dodo has been taken apart to clean all the parts, and reassembled/lubed. The scales are the blackest G10 you'll ever find, what I describe as 'black blacker than the blackest to the infinity'

Note the following:

Spyderco Dodo
-Serrated Edge
-Black G10 Handles
-Two light brown spots (NOT RUST) on the swedge, have no clue how they got there)

(Image removed from quote.)

BM Snody Fixed Resistor
-First Production, #390 of 1000
-Plain Edge
-Satin/Stonewashed finish
-Hairline scratches near tip (second thumbnail)

(Image removed from quote.)

I will combine the two knives with $90 USD (money order) in order to get one of the following:

-Stonewashed SnG
-Stonewashed SmF
-Stonewashed PT (plus cash)
-Strider EB-LS
-Strider EB
-Strider ED (plus cash/another item)
-Watches? (Seiko preferred)
-Surefires? (Kroma, Aviators, no U2s, Turboheads...)

PM/Email me at: kongca (AT) rogers (DOT) com

I will ship out insured for the correct value and send you proof of shipment (your choice on shipping pay, I ship) with a tracking number. However, do realize that once its out of my hands and it gets lost in transit, I cannot do anything, except put in a claim for the package and send yours back.

Thanks, Brendan :D

As mentioned above, my Strider fund is at $90USD right now...hoping to bump it up to at least $350-ish for a Strider SnG (or any of the Striders listed above, folders have priority though)

The asking price for each of the items are the following:

Spyderco Dodo (I'm trying to break even here...paid $170 for it a few montsh ago, since UPS was a douche and charged me ffing $50 USD): $150 USD

Benchmade Snody Fixed Resistor: $110 USD

Let me know if the prices are total crap...what does a 17 year old know...

Take care all, Brendan  :lol:




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