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Review of the CRKT Spare Tool 1644

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Review of the CRKT Spare Tool
« on: July 16, 2013, 07:11:59 PM »
One more I've made

The creation of Mr. Raleigh Tabor is a one-piece tool named Spare Tool. It is just that, backup tool. Spare Tool is a gadget that you EDC without knowing it's there until you need it. Raleigh is the son of Air Force officer, a outdoors enthusiast, hunter and fisher, automotive body mechanic by profession and now retired producer of custom knives. Work for ID Works he understooded as a personal challenge and the result is CRKT Spare Tool.

 CRKT Spare Tool is a one-piece tool made of stainless steel 5Cr15MoV. To something, that at first glance looked like a piece of plane iron, was added a set of basic tools that may be needed in many situations and by EDC a Spare Tool you make a useful addition to any kit. CRKT Spare Tool comes with a molded Zytel sheath that has horisontal clip mounted for belt carry. Spare Tool has the following dimensions:
 - Length 16cm
 - Width 2cm
 - Thickness of 2mm
 - Weight 45g
 - Blade length of 5.5 cm

 Spare Tool is surface heat treated on hardness of 55-57 HRC it has wharncliff form of blade, and it is simple plain blade in chisel grind, which is generally characteristic of "working" tool. CRKT Spare Tool has opposite of the blade a pry tool part - or lever that can be used for the extraction of nails, wire stripping, opening a variety of cans and stuck drawers and do all those jobs that keeps your knife blade safe. Immediately behind this is hexagonal slice sizes ¼ "to serve for the attached twosized bit with standard philips and flat end which is located further down the handle in rubberised cutout. Although it’s not so great for recessed screws, however, may well serve for most of the screws that we encounter every day. Between these two slices is a bottle opener. On the spinal part of the handle there is a small indented area that replaces file, and is uniquely capable in its purpose. On both sides there is a ruler, with one in inches and the other in millimeters.
As someone who has worked as a trader in auto parts store, I can easily see all the use-value of backup tool. Oppening cardboard boxes, shredding, unpacking wooden boxes in which parts are delivered using a lever, removing tack, rivets and staples, measurement samples being issued to order parts, wrench and screw various screws, etc. These are all daily jobs for which I often walked up and down so I can broing the right tool because I hadn’t Spare Tool. Looking at this tool, I realized that life just got a little easier.

There is method to my madness....



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