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Marbles Utility & Schrade Camp Knives

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Marbles Utility & Schrade Camp Knives
on: August 09, 2013, 12:19:59 AM
I recently bought this Schrade Camp Knife (SCTSCAMP4), and have had the Marbles Utility version (MR278) since January.  These are current imported productions of the discontinued Camillus Camp Knife, with something like 10,000,000 of those produced, maybe more if other manufacturers like Imperial were included(Bladeforums thread with info). 

I've never owned one of the US produced versions, having seen and handled more with broken springs than without.  I looked through a box piled full of them at a gun and knife show one time, and every last one of them had broken back springs, and then I noticed the box was labeled as 'scrap knives'.  The fella behind the table said a lot of old timers liked to buy a few of them and take them apart and put together one good one.  One of those things to try one of these days.

The Marbles knife has polished scales and slightly better fit and finish than the Schrade.  The Marbles' lanyard bail is longer, blade and tools have matchstrike nail nicks, and the knife and tools are slightly thicker than those in the Schrade.   The blade shapes are just a bit different, as are the leather punch/awl, can openers, and bottle opener/screwdriver. 

The can opener and awl on the Marbles have a bent angle in them to fit in the tool alongside the others, where the Schrade can opener is to some extent curved and its awl just lays closer to the blade when closed, than does the Marbles' awl which is also sharper with a ground edge.  The body of the Marbles is about 1mm thicker than the Schrade, and the Schrade's body is about 2mm longer than the Marbles'.

I think they're both ok for beater knives for what they cost, to toss in the vehicle's glove compartment, or to hand out as a 'loaner' to someone that wants to 'borrow' a knife(not having one of their own or not gonna risk theirs for whatever they intend to do with yours), and you wouldn't be worried or upset if it was stolen, lost, or broken, compared to a nicer quality EDC knife or tool... ;)



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