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Protocol Tools 793

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Protocol Tools
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:02:56 AM »
Usually, I'm a "no crap here" kinda person.  However, when I see a nice looking M/T for $10 or so, I pick them up.  Today I found a few different Protocol tools today at Tuesday Morning for ten bucks a piece, so I bought the Knife Plus and Hammer Plus.   My thoughts when I opened them were this: The Hammer Plus is garbage, the Knife Plus is OK. But, after trying them out, it's the other way around:  The Hammer Plus is actually useable.  The

First up, the Knife Plus.

The Knife Plus is modelled after Buck's X-Tract, with an OHO partially serrated knife blade, in-line folding handle pliers, a Phillips screwdriver, can opener (modelled after Vic's) and a bottle opener/scraper combo.   Handles are plastic, painted to look like woodgrain.

2016-10-10_06-39-31 by cody6268, on Flickr

It's big. Size compared to LM's PST II and a Wenger Handyman, today's carry.

2016-10-10_06-39-20 by cody6268, on Flickr

Blade: It's OHO and is loose enough as to where it can flip out quicker than a spring assisted blade. Locks up tight. It's sort of sharp, and the plain edge at least needs some sharpening.

2016-10-10_06-39-06 by cody6268, on Flickr

Pliers:  Quite frankly, they suck.  They are mounted next to the blade. Cutters won't cut anything.  The pliers have a lot of slip, and it hurts to put any force behind them in order to get a good grip on something.  I'm gonna try tightening the pivots to get rid of that slop.

2016-10-10_06-38-00 by cody6268, on Flickr

Phillips. Works OK, but  slips a lot.  It's got a partially squared shank around the actual driver portion of it, so it might fit a Gerber 1/4 adapter.  Lost mine, so I can't test that.

2016-10-10_06-26-33 by cody6268, on Flickr

Can Opener. Vic-style  Haven't tried it.  Grind is really bad, so I doubt it will work well. Flat head screwdriver on tip is sharp enough almost to be used as a wood chisel.  In fact, I might finish the job so that it can be.

2016-10-10_06-25-52 by cody6268, on Flickr

Bottle Opener--again, haven't tried it, or even used a bottle opener in two weeks. Reminds me of Wenger's 65mm combo tool in a way. Both its screwdriver and the screwdriver tip on the can opener are too large for a switch plate cover screw.  I guess that's why instead of a screwdriver, it's billed as a scraper.

2016-10-10_06-26-17 by cody6268, on Flickr

My score--2/5. A lot of potential, but needs improvement.   If they're gonna sell them for the $40 original that Tuesday Morning has on the box as retail price, and what Dillard's had them listed for--they're out of their freakin minds! $10, okay I guess.   I can name a whole list of new tools that are a thousand times better for that price.

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Re: Protocol
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2016, 12:11:16 AM »
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Re: Protocol
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2016, 12:19:48 AM »

My current users:
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** = knifeless
No Life Club Posts: 1,335
Re: Protocol Tools
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2016, 12:34:46 AM »
Working on it... Somehow it got posted without me knowing it.

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