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Inside the Sunroad 820 ABC watch 478

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Inside the Sunroad 820 ABC watch
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:00:00 PM »
continuing my "inside" series

I had to change the battery of my Sunroad FR8204A .

I realised that the battery was not going to last long as I was getting the battery warning sign for 2 weeks. Two days ago the compass stopped working and then the screen went blank.

NOTE: the Sunroad came with a free spare battery  :D

I have had the watch for a bit over a year.

To open it you need to remove one of the straps first and then remove the 4 screws on the back.

The strap is attached with a solid pin, without any springs on it. Thus you need to push it out from one end, using a pin or a small screwdriver etc.

Inside the watch you see the battery cover and a plastic battery surround. You do not need to, but I removed the plastic surround to see what the watch looked like underneath.

I did not see anything impressive or anything bad. It looks like a good quality electronic equipment.

I lubricated the gasket and put it back together.

When you re-attach the strap you need to push the pin down (towards the body of the watch) at the same time as you are pushing it in, otherwise it will not come out of the other end of the strap and secure the strap.

I adjusted the time and re-calibrated the compass and it is now good to go

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