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FS: Surefire bulbs & Accessories (QUICK SALE!) 1213

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FS: Surefire bulbs & Accessories (QUICK SALE!)
« on: October 01, 2008, 11:29:01 PM »
Up for sale is a a brand-new, unused Swiss+Tech Bodyguard emergency tool...get one for your car, kids or wife or whatever. Here's a short description from their website:
The newest member of the Swiss+Tech family of quality-made “micro-tools,” BodyGard incorporates these five specific devices: automatic glass breaker, safety-blade seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, flashing red distress light, and bright-white LED flashlight.The new BodyGard 5-in-1 Emergency Tool from Swiss+Tech is designed to help drivers escape from their vehicles when the windows or doors fail to operate due to vehicle damage, fire or submersion. BodyGard combines an automatic glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, bright LED light and an emergency flasher in a device small enough to fit on a key chain or in a pocket. With all the security, peace of mind and life-saving potential it offers, BodyGard is an essential tool for every driver.

The automatic glass breaker is spring-loaded to automatically deploy when pressed firmly against a vehicle’s side or rear window. View usage guidelines. The safety-blade seat belt cutter quickly frees both the driver and passengers from their seats if their seat belts do not unlatch after a vehicular accident. When not in use, the blade is housed securely within the casing to prevent either accidental or intentional cutting. Both the glass breaker pin and safety blade are made of high-carbon steel for maximum durability.

Not only can BodyGard be used in vehicle emergencies, it can also be used to signal for help or to ward off attackers when walking, biking and hiking. With the push of a button, its sonic alarm signals trouble with a high-decibel output. View usage guidelines. Its bright, flashing red distress light is also push-button activated to signal for, and direct help to, your location. The high-intensity flashlight can be used for night sight and safety.

BodyGard is also impact-resilient and water-resistant, with a tough ABS construction and a limited lifetime warranty. It comes complete with a replaceable A23/12V battery and instructions for care and use.

At less than 3” x 1-3/4” x 5/8” in size, and weighing only one ounce, BodyGard attaches securely to a key ring and releases with a quick tug for fast emergency use.
As mentioned above it's a 5 in 1 tool, consisting of the following:

-Automatic glass breaker
-Safety-blade seat belt cutter
-Sonic alarm
-Flashing red distress light
-Bright-white LED flashlight

It takes replaceable A23/12V batteries.

Asking price: $10

Shipping: PM or email me [cyberspyder72491 [AT] hotmail [DOT] come) your address so I can give you an accurate quote.


The P60s have been used several times....never taken out of the G2s so everything is mint. The P61s are unused, but no packaging, and so are the MN11s.

1) Surefire P60 (couple available)
-Stock 65 lumens drop-in for P60 compatible lights (G2, 6P, etc...)
Asking price: $10

2) Surefire P61 (several available)
-Note, they are the frosted tip ones
-For use in ANY P60 compatible light (G2, 6P, etc...)
-Will provide 120 lumens for 20 minutes
Asking price: [COLOR="Silver"]$20 $15[/COLOR] $12

3) Surefire MN11 (2 available)
-HOLA for M3 (I believe it has the older outer spring)
Asking price: [COLOR="Silver"]$25 $20 $18[/COLOR] $15

4) Surefire Z33 Lanyard System
Includes both a lanyard and lanyard ring. The lanyard is made from black 550 parachute-cord and equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener. For safety, the fastener is designed to break away if the lanyard or light is pulled on with extreme force. The welded steel lanyard ring mounts between the flashlight body and tailcap.

Z33 Lanyard system fits: 6P, 9P, D2, D3, G2, G2Z, C2, C3, M2, M3, M4, Z2, Z3, L5, L6,
-Condition is like new (one of the cordlocks came cracked on a corner...SF may be able to replace it)
-Attached is a GITD cord end
Asking price: $11

5) Novatac clip for Surefire/other brand lights
-The new 'flat-styled clip
-Can fit any flashlights with a 1" diameter (my G2 is pictured below)
-Will include an O-ring to reduce slack on Surefire models
-Condition is also like new (9.5/10)
Asking price: $4

*regarding items 4&5...I have the pocket clip currently tied to the it functions as both a clip and a lanyard holder...tell me if anyone wants them separated.

Shipping: PM or email me [cyberspyder72491 [AT] hotmail [DOT] come) your address so I can give you an accurate quote.

Payment: Paypal (cash, credit/debit)



Up for sale are 2 (TWO) Inka refills with blue ink and a Delrin PDA stylus tip/cap. Both are unused and come in the original package. Short description from Inka:

Inka refills are built to perform at any angle, any altitude, in all weather conditions, and even underwater. The Inka PDA Stylus is built from Delrin, the material specified by most major PDA manufacturers for use in stylus tips because of its natural lubricity and durability.
Properties and Specifications:
Stainless Steel/Tungsten Carbide Tip
Hermetically sealed
Performs from -30º to 300º
Write out length: 600M

Asking price:
$2.00 each

PM or email me [cyberspyder72491 [AT] hotmail [DOT] come) your address so I can give you an accurate quote.

Cheers, Brendan




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