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Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12 381

Jr. Member Posts: 93
Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« on: May 26, 2019, 01:55:50 PM »
With the Modular 45+ (reviewed here:,80758.0.html ) you have a pack, large enough for multi-day missions, or outings with lots of gear. The next logical step, you guessed it, is to have a look at the daypack-sized side of the pack-spectrum.

Enter the Assault Pack 12 made by Tasmanian Tiger. Tasmanian Tiger is the tactical wing of Tatonka, a well known manufacturer of quality gear.
New for 2019, equipped with  Lasercut-Molle and for me the most versatile pack in recent years.

How do I come to this conclusion? Well, let´s have a look!

That´s what we are talking about:

Well, a tactical backpack with beavertail of some sort and compression straps, nothing new here, right? With a calculated capacity of roughly 11 liters, it´s nearly double the size of the well known original Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack (wich is 6 liters).

Side by side:

There are two front pouches, one on the main body and one on the beavertail, aka helmet pocket.

The pouch on the main body holds a midzised Organizer, your favourite smartphone, shades and other odds and ends with ease. Ready for fast access.

A pack without a front pouch? Forget it, not for me. I´m just used to have fast access to my essentials, like pen, phone, glasses, cables of some sort, etc. Access has to be convenient, as easy as that.

The beavertail, which is multi purpose in itself is one of the modular solutions embedded in this little bag of tricks. Beavertails are nothing new in the industry, but the details here are noteworthy.

Stuffed with a bulky fleece hoodie:

Jr. Member Posts: 93
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2019, 01:56:32 PM »
Additional loops on the side for lashing more stuff, or adding some shockcord for even more retention. Great idea!

My active duty is ancient history, so instead of a combat helmet I used a thightly stuffed 10 liter pouch for demonstration purposes:

Looking at the compression straps, there is room for more:

Perfect fit.
So if you have more than 20 liters to hump, don´t worry, the Assault Pack 12 handles that with ease and room to spare. 

Having a tactical yoga date? Just strap the mat to the underside:

A very handy feature: If you don´t need the beavertail, just unstrap it:

Two is one, one is none, so the guys at Tasmanian Tiger used polymer hooks and velcro on top of that to attach the pouch to the main body.

If you like you can mount the beavertail to the bottom of the pack, as a „hidden asset“, so to speak. A very handy feature in my book.

The Assault Pack 12 comes with an amazing amount of gadgetry:

Have you seen any other pack coming with that?
The tactical tinkerer in me is really happy!

Two things are worth mentioning:
First, whoever packed the accessories in that tiny zip lock bag: You Sir, or Ma´am, have reached Grandmaster of Tetris, Level 1000. I have no idea how you managed to do that. 
Second, bang for buck-ratio: Amazing. The included  accessories alone are worth serious money.  Webbing, velcro, buckles and so on are really high quality. Having a price tag of 160€ in Europe, you get a lot for your money with the Assault Pack 12. 

For my intended use, I dont need the beavertail, so I unclipped it. But some shockcord can´t hurt. That´s what it looks like:

(the shockcord isn´t included in the accessories pouch)

Very neat, you can hide the cord lock in a little pouch, which normally would hold the bottom mount of the beavertail. Speaking of Smart Design:

Slim, slick and clean:

In the outdoors:

Stuffed with a Shemagh:

Jr. Member Posts: 93
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2019, 01:57:03 PM »
Top view:

You see the port for the hydration tubing and the lasercut Molle on the shoulder straps.
They are mounted by using ladder locks. The idea behind this solution: You can mount the Assault Pack 12 on a plate carrier or a chest rig. In this case, it would be the TT Plate Carrier QR LC and the TT Chest Rig MK II. Undo the shoulder straps, mount the velcro ones and presto. Or use the pack as back plate. There´s a large velcro area on the backside of the pack, for mountig the cummerbund. Just undo the Padded Back strap:

Once the padding is removed, you´ll see the molle connectors, made from hypalon. We already know this system from the Modular Pack 45. I dig it, I really do. Very neat and sturdy.
Much better than the Tac Ties Maxpedition is doing. 

Being attached by velcro, the padding can be adjusted to your liking. Not much, but a little. I haven´t seen this option anywhere else in a pack this size. Nice!

So, highly adjustable and modular on the outside, how about the inside?

Like most modern tactical packs the Assault 12 sports a waterbladder pouch. But.
But in this pack, the pouch is sized to hold SAPI-plates. If mounted as backside for a plate carrier, it´s just logical to have this feature. There is a sturdy velcro fastener to hold the SAPI plate tightly.

That´s my office warrior kit:

A little surprise: My Dell Laptop is nearly the same size a SAPI plate size „M“. Bummer.
If you like you can mount a waterbladder in front too. 

On both sides you´ll find female velcro for mounting more accessory pouches.
Right now I use a mesh pouch for my rain gear.

Does anybody know a good admin pouch with male velcro on the outside?
I´m open to suggestions!

Jr. Member Posts: 93
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2019, 01:57:27 PM »
Now to our intended mission for the AP12. This is how we use it:

With his bigger brother Modular 45+:

When we pack for a multiday outing, there is always the question: Which daypack? A RollUp of some kind? Most of the time those are a pain in the butt if loaded or carried for an extended amount of time. 

Enter the Assault Pack 12:
Take the Modular 45+, lose the top pouch, remove the foldable front pouch and mount the Assault 12.

Jr. Member Posts: 93
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2019, 01:57:53 PM »
Having done that, it looks like this (highly dramatized and colorcorreted):

The eyes locked into the distance, iron grip around the walking stick...
Edmund Hillary who?

In total:

Throw the Leader Admin Pouch on top and done.

This combo carries with ease and great comfort. The Modular 45 being rather flat, aiding in weight distribution when the Assault Pack 12 is added.

Mounting the AP12 is quite simple.
Unhook the shoulder straps (or place them in the middle of the pack)  and connet the two packs with the hypalon tabs. 

Use the Fastex-buckle on the sides in connection with the webbing from the shoulder straps:

Done :-)

As an alternative way, one could use the female buckles already mounted on the sides of the AP12 and use some male buckles using the spare parts provided with the pack.

Just use your imagination, the possibilities are nearly endless. As long as a pack has some Molle on the outside you will find a way to hook up the Assault Pack 12.

I´m very pleased with my purchase and can highly recommend it to anybody searching for a multi use daypack.

If not in use for outdoor activities, it looks like this:

Even in day to day activities it has proven it´s capabilities for me.

By the way, thats me, doing some shots for this review, accompanied by my very understanding and indulging wife.

Thanks for your time!
If you have any questions, shoot!

No Life Club Posts: 3,331
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #5 on: May 26, 2019, 08:48:45 PM »
Great review :cheers: And the pack looks very useful :like:

Sent fra min FRD-L09 via Tapatalk

No Life Club Posts: 1,981
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2019, 04:44:45 AM »
 :iagree: Thanks for the detailed review! This looks very interesting  :tu:
Jr. Member Posts: 93
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2019, 11:54:41 AM »
Thanks guys,
after daily use as EDC/work bag I can sincerely say: Great pack!
Works perfectly for my needs, not too large, not too small, just right.

As a DayPack in conjunction with a larger pack, great combo!
 :like: :like: :like:




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