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if you want a ScrapYard blade!

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Re: if you want a ScrapYard blade!
Reply #30 on: March 24, 2008, 09:21:53 PM
My Scrap Yard Dumpster Mutt Double-Cut has ARRIVED!    :mail: :cheers:  What a beautiful beast!  Pictures will be coming ASA I get my camera back from my sister. The Resiprene-C handle has got to be one of the most comfortable handles I've had the pleasure to wrap my meathooks around. It's got a tactile feel that just melts in your hand. I can only image its wet-handling abilities are great, too. Well, it looks like the Busses came through and should be commended for making this knife available for a great price. I honestly think the $100 price tag it will be at... or already is... is still not bad at all for this knife. Ooorah's going out to Dan Busse for one helluva knife!

WhichDawg, have you received yours yet?

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Re: if you want a ScrapYard blade!
Reply #31 on: March 24, 2008, 09:26:24 PM
I never ordered one, I have a combat grade Mutt, and the MOD mutt (only 50 made) so it would have been redundant, all the same blank.
but congrats on your arrival bro! give it a workout and really see why so many trust them!



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