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I don't want to appreciate them when they are gone. 1622

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Re: I don't want to appreciate them when they are gone.
« Reply #30 on: May 21, 2020, 03:15:54 AM »
my only regret for something that's gone is my Leatherman Supertool, which was sold to some rando instead of one of you who would appreciate it. 

I've misplaced some of my favorites.... Three of them come to mind. 

I wouldn't call myself a collector....  I'm more of an accumulator.   

I think I'd have it easier if I collected - every LM Juice, every SAK Soldier or Standard Issue, every Mr Pinchy.... If I did, I would have a goal, and I would know where to stop.  The acquisition would be fun too. 

But alas - I have two vices. a) I get what I think I'll use, and 2) I am a sucker for design.

And that makes it difficult for me to part with what I have.

It's been helpful in that I haven't been interested in too many Leatherman or Gerber tools  - on the design aspect... more as a work of art than a tool.   :dd:

At one point I knew I wanted a keychain size, scissor based tool, and with the Gerber Splice and the LM Style in the running, I went with the old school Micra, party because I thought it looked the best when closed.  Shallow, I know.  The preference in form of the Micra over the Style holds in that I wont get a Skeletool or a Signal either.  So thats the easy part.

The hard part is the other stuff....

I've given away more SAKs than I own... Some I bought in tentionally to gift, and a couple I bought to try out and give away.  I have a terrible habit of giving away SAKs because I think it will give pepole as much enjoyment out of them as I get.  I'm not sure that's the case. 

So back to the design aspect.  I generally prefer 2 or 3 layer SAKs... that's what I have had... and it means that's what I have given away. 

See the conundrum here?  I have a relatively limited number of items that fit the bill for what I like... and what I use.  Since I don't have a particular interest in collecting individual items I don't feel that my collection is complete because I have those things.  i don't feel like I want to hold on to something because losing it would leave an obvious void.

But once it's gone... man, oh man...  That's when the design junkie in me goes bonkers.  Suddenly I need to get the X with the Y or the X without the Y......  the Pioneer with the scissors... the Tinker small without backspring tools... the Spartan in 111mm... the Trailmaster in 91mm.

The tools that I like do use ... with a slight tweak in design... thats what appeals to me. 

Maybe I should just start being a collector.   :facepalm:

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Re: I don't want to appreciate them when they are gone.
« Reply #31 on: May 21, 2020, 06:34:46 AM »
When I go back and re-read what I first posted I am reminded how I felt that day.  It was several days and likely years leading up to it.  I don't always go thru what I have.  I cannot tell you exactly what I have. Some were easier to come by that others which makes those a little more special.  Gifts are even more special and trades are too. 

When I had a look at what I had that day it was thru a different lens.  My perspective was different.  I enjoy those ones I highlighted but I also really enjoy the ones I use and will use in certain scenarios.  My camping tools, my hike tools, my at home chores tools, my off day carry, etc.  When I acquire a new to me tool I enjoy the process of cleaning it and getting it ready for carry.  I don't have any preconceived notions I just carry it and see how it goes.  I do buy some items and realize they wont be carried. 

I am still enjoying what I have.  I've been having fun and while my goals have been all but forgotten having fun has come back to the forefront.   

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