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SOG Micro Toolclip 735

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SOG Micro Toolclip
« on: February 07, 2017, 05:20:58 AM »
Just received one of these(along with a SOG Centi II) as a gift from my oldest son.Supposed to be a key chain tool but at 4 inches overall length it is more like a small pocket tool.
Handles are some type of hard thermoplastic over metal and everything is a bead blasted(or vapor honed)finish, Tools include a spear point blade;a cap lifter/small straight screwdriver;and a larger screwdriver/double sided(single and double cut)file,and the requisite pliers with a Phillips tip on the moveable handle. These have a spring loaded handle that locks into the closed position by a sliding button that operates from both sides of the handle.And this is the one problem area I have found and have sent SOG an e-mail to notify them of it.
There is a pocket clip that attaches to the rear of the knife and the lock slide is directly below it.The problem arises when you go to put the tool on the edge of your pocket:The material of the pocket will sometimes catch on the lock lever and push it to the open position;allowing the tool to open while inside your pocket.If you clip it to the outside and it opens,it will hang there until something else catches it and it falls to the ground.
I am going to modify mine by grinding the pin flush on the clip side so there will be no interference but I think it is something that should have been addressed before they were released for sale.
The only other problem I can see possibly occurring is using the Phillips screwdriver.If the screw is in a recessed location I don't think you will have enough room to swing the handle as it only opens about 30 degrees.
The overall fit and finish seems good.How much use it will get is pure speculation as of now.

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Re: SOG Micro Toolclip
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 12:54:49 PM »
I had the same problem with the plier release switch, so I ground mine flat as well and also removed the spring from the pliers as I hate sprung pliers.  Either thing would have solved the problem, but I did both.

The Phillips issue is a definite limitation, but I think they may have done that to convince people to not use the handle as a pry bar like what happened with the original Micro Tool Clip.

Overall I really like the new Micro Tool Clip, and for a sub $20 tool I think it is quite good.

There's a bit more discussion about it here if you are interested in seeing what other people think:



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