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Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 168

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Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:28:52 PM »
Yesterday i received two of these Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku's from Chefknivestogo.com, a dependable US dealer for kitchen knives.
One of these will go to a Chef i know who has no experience ordering knives from abroad, and the other one will probably go on sale on the Dutch forum.​

As often with Japanese knives the factory edges need some work to get them truly sharp, and these Kohetsu's were no exception.
One was just sharp enough to slice copypaper, the other reluctantly shaved a few hairs from my hand, and both of them had a few tiny burr remnants clinging to the apex.
Now both me and the new owner have zero experience with HAP40, so it will be a bit of a learning journey to finetune the edge into what works best & longest for him.

For it's first sharpening i chose to just leave the factory edge angle of between 17.5 & 20 degrees inclusive (!) intact and just resharpen the existing narrow V-bevel with 3 micron diamond compound on a Paper Wheel (with such a small edge angle this actually provides for an ever so tiny, but just visible burr), and deburr with 1 micron diamond compound on a second Paper Wheel.
With the naked eye it looks like nothing was done to the knife, but the new edge can whittle a chest hair towards the hair point and slice a paper towel clean.
Now we have to find out if the new owner can work with it, and what's especially important; for how long exactly before it needs resharpening.
My guess is that eventually he will settle upon a bit coarser edge, but we will see.


Overall length: 29,5 cm
Blade length: 18,0 cm
Useful edge length: 17,4 cm
Blade thickness: max 2.06 mm
Steel: Laminated HAP40
Hardness: 65 HRC
Blade: double sided convex grind with half-sided convex bevel and a narrow V-bevel on top which forms the actual edge.
Edge angle: between 17,5 and 20 degrees inclusive (measured with Tormek WM200 Angle Master)
Handle material: Pakkawood
Weight: 170 grams
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Re: Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2017, 03:52:25 PM »
That looks scary sharp  :tu:
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Re: Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2017, 12:07:47 PM »
This is how i received the knife back after about a month of use in a commercial kitchen, and only after the Chef cut up several Italian artisan breads with almost rock hard crusts, which of course damaged the very hard & very thin edge.
There were both chips and rolls in the apex, but only one chip extended a hair past the polished bevels (which were starting to develop a nice blueish patina).
The undamaged parts of the apex however could still shave the hair on the back of my hand on skin level reasonably well.
(click 2 x on each pic for more detail)

The edge was restored freehand with the help of my Tormek T7 with it's SB-250 stone, refined with a Paper Wheel coated with 3.0 micron diamond compound, and deburred with a second Paper Wheel coated with 1.0 micron diamond compound, and the new apex now measures an almost exact 20 degrees inclusive.

According to the Chef this Kohetsu HAP40 is the best knife he ever owned, and from now on he will refrain from cutting those hard crusted breads with it.
He also intends to buy a nice hinoki cutting board.

Waiting since 2011 for DaveK to send back my personal Leatherman maintenance tools....
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Re: Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2017, 08:09:42 PM »
I am a kitchen knife lover and that is one beautiful blade!

I'm the milk man!


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