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Victorinox Wine Master, or: In dubio pro Vino

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Victorinox Wine Master, or: In dubio pro Vino
on: October 16, 2017, 12:14:52 PM
The best time of year, summer vacation!
So, if the worlds most best wife of all times (which is mine!), decides to go to a guided tour on a wineyard, what else to say than yes?
..including a tasting of the offerings, of course.

So, off we went.

The inclined beer drinker will think of Rhein, Mosel or Aar, even Chateaux Lafite, but far from it!

We are talking about a small island in the northsea, Föhr to be exact.
A wineyard in the northsea?
How should that work?

...well lets say, clima change has its benefits, after all.

If you´re interested in the whereabouts, I encourage you to have a look for your self:

That´s what it looks like:

All good and fine, but what the heck has this rambling to do on a knifeboard?
Perfect question!

Surely you won´t think we came back without some appropriate souveniers?


For a grasp of the selfimage of the frisian people, have a look, and let google translate be your guide:-)

Sooo…. wine, bottle, cork…
Does that ring a bell?

Actually we don´t own a „real“ canopener, or corkscrew. But we have one or two Victorinox pocket tools...

And as faith will have it, Victorinox just released the new Wine Master.
A perfect excuse to get the above mentioned outstanding wife to agree to a new tool in the collection :-)

The brown sheath is made from real leather, by the way.
The Wine Master comes with walnut or olive scales, the later having found its way to our collection.

Thank God for the manual, even I can manage this.

Second from the bottom:

Linerlock, as the „big boys“ from Victorinox all come with:

No surprises with the large blade, all in top notch quality, as we came to love and expect from the offerings from Ibach.

So, what´s new?

I hope i get the designations right, please chime in if not!
Here we have a foil cutter, the serrations are sharp, but robust, perfectly fitted to gut the foil on the glass neck of the bottle. Too sharp would be counter productive here…

Corkscrew and lever mechanism:

The corkscrew is larger and more substantial than the one used in the other large tools:
I think you can see it quite clearly:

Even the circumfence is larger, the mini screwdriver nearly drowns in the windings...

All nice and shiny, but does it work?
Some corks require much more force than others to be pulled. And here the Wine Master realy shines.
The level mechanism should look vaguely familiar, as its often found in cheaply made waiter´s knifes. „Give me a lever long enough….“ you shloud know the rest :-)

Same here:

Foil cutter, one swift motion, done.

How to screw in a corkscrew is common knowlege, right?

As usual, a two stage lever to get the cork out:

One hearthy push, and:

Free, free at last!

And no to the main course:


And, what´s the verdict?
The wine is outstanding!
2016er Waalem, Johanniter, Solaris. Very aromatic, fruity and fresh, lots of character.

The Wine Master?
Top notch!

Did you realy expect anything eles from the Swiss?
Initially I had a some difficulties with the foil cutter, my fault, not the knives. Pulling the cork is easily done, the lever makes short work with even the most stubborn corks. But some training doesn´t hurt :-)

A little special:
For those of you who, like me, normaly grabs a cold beer instead of wine, theres a little easter egg for you:

The manual doesn´t mentions it, but there is a hidden bottleopener as well.

...nothing to see here, right?


Swiss engineering, I love it! And this comes from a German :-)

At the end of the day, what´s the verdict?
A new tool in the Line Up von Victorinox. New as in new new.
Nice Wood.

Good buy!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, shoot!

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Re: Victorinox Wine Master, or: In dubio pro Vino
Reply #1 on: October 17, 2017, 12:08:54 PM
Thanks for the review, and all the pics!  :cheers:
I definitely like it, I wish I had it all those years I was a waiter.  :tu:

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Re: Victorinox Wine Master, or: In dubio pro Vino
Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 03:54:25 PM
Terrific post.   :like:
Esse Quam Videri

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Re: Victorinox Wine Master, or: In dubio pro Vino
Reply #3 on: October 17, 2017, 04:37:25 PM
Great review!  Thanks for posting  :tu:



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